About the journal

Journal of Modern Economic Research (JMER) is international a double-blind peer reviewed academic open access journal which gains a foothold in Slovakia. The journal is methodologically open, drawing on the insights suggested by a variety of intellectual traditions, and address to a diverse readership.

Publication frequency: quarterly.

Aims and Scope: It aims at promoting international high quality modern academic research, providing new insights that contributes and spreads knowledge on current economic trends in micro, macro and world development. The JMER focus is to publish scientific papers on advanced trends, developments and interdisciplinary causality in Economics and Finance. We are particularly interested in empirical research with meaningful policy implications.

The JMER especially welcomes contributions that involve, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative economics;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Behavioral economics;
  • Social economics;
  • Urban economics;
  • Information economics;
  • Interdisciplinary studies;
  • Current trends in regional, national and world economic development;
  • International finance;
  • Micro and macro policies;
  • International monetary and fiscal policy;
  • Issues of interaction between the real and financial sectors;
  • World trade issues.

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and independent, anonymous reviewers. All submitted papers must incorporate important, original in both content and structure, previously unpublished clear theoretical or empirical research results. Papers submitted to the journal have to meet these criteria and have not to be under review for publication elsewhere. Papers should follow the journal manner and are subject to both review and editing.