Management of the social and environmental aspects of Ukraine-EU association agreement

  • Yuliia Zaika Department of Marketing and Business Administration, Priazovskyi State Technical University
Keywords: agreement, associations, environmental protection, natural resources, environmental policy, legal standards


Solving environmental protection problems has long become a priority in the developed countries of the world, and is reflected in international relations, because the preservation of life depends on the transition to a new type of the development that is reasonable from an environmental and humanistic point of view. The modern generation is becoming a witness and a direct participant in the revision of the entire value system of our being and the formation of a new environmental outlook, environmental ethics. Only on the basis of the reorientation of human consciousness towards environmental installations it is possible to create economic and political conditions for ensuring environmentally stable development. Until recently, the trends of economic development determined the lines of behavior in the sphere of environment, contributing to negative environmental changes. The growth of economic production was considered as the only means of satisfying the interests and vital needs of the population. The criterion of progress should be a qualitative improvement in people's lives, which is unthinkable without the establishment of a reasonable relationship between Man and Nature. The latter can be realized only when environmental safety becomes a matter for all citizens of the world and citizens of our country, in particular. Ukraine as a modern legal state has chosen one of the priority directions of the development of the focus on the EU, in particular by harmonizing the current Ukrainian legislation with the European standards, adapting the provisions of regulatory legal acts, including in relation to the environment. Therefore, the solution of the problem in the field of environmental protection at the state level should be implemented primarily through the introduction of effective legislative regulation, which should be based on the national characteristics in addressing this issue and the positive experience of the relevant European legislation.

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