Smart industry readiness: environmental aspect

Keywords: «Smart» Industry Readiness, Global Competitiveness Index, Innovation Index, ecological footprint, e-waste’s generation


Fundamental changes in a production model in the context of «smart» transformations (digitalization and automation of business processes, ensuring round-the-clock access of consumers to a single cyber-physical space) affect the processes of formation and distribution of the global Ecological Footprint. However, most studies of «smart» industry readiness of the national economies leave the environmental challenges, associated with it, beyond the scope of an analysis and forecasting. The paper presents international comparison of the smart industry readiness, which takes into account the environmental prospects (possible consequences) of changes in the dominant technological structure and competitive opportunities of the countries in the world market. The analysis was conducted based on the data of the Global Competitiveness Index, Information and Communication Technology Development Index, Innovation Index, Ecological Footprint, the amount of electricity consumed per person in the country, and in billion $ of GDP as well, the volume of e-waste’s generation. Sectors of the obtained matrices are conventionally designated as «Smart Leaders», «Potential Leaders» and «Laggards». The sample of the analyzed economies contains 118 countries, different in economic and technological development, as well as their geographical location. Current study contributes to the growing literature on “smart” development of the countries by quantifying the distribution of the countries in the sample between the conditional sectors of smart readiness and environmental friendliness; 2) monitoring the movement of the countries from sector to sector when changing combinations of indicators, that is, assessing the volatility of the groups; 3) identifying and justifying dominant trends, and describing existing causal links between indicators of digitalization, innovation, environmental friendliness and competitiveness.

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