Open access statement

Journal of Modern Economic Research is committed to real and immediate open access for academic work. All the journal articles are free to access immediately from the date of publication. There are no charge for readers to download articles and reviews for their own scholarly use.

You may share the Original Submission or Accepted Manuscript at any time and in any format. Your sharing of the Original Submission or Accepted Manuscript may include posting a downloadable copy on any website, saving a copy in any repository or network, sharing a copy through any social media channel, and distributing print or electronic copies.

You may use the Final Published PDF (or Original Submission or Accepted Manuscript, if preferred) in the following ways:

  • in relation to your own teaching, provided that any electronic distribution maintains restricted access
  • to share on an individual basis with research colleagues, provided that such sharing is not for commercial purposes
  • in your dissertation or thesis, including where the dissertation or thesis will be posted in any electronic Institutional Repository or database
  • in a book authored or edited by you, at any time after the Contribution’s publication in the journal.

Copyright of the layout and design of Journal of Modern Economic Research articles remains with the journal and cannot be used in other publications.